, What is it?

I got this domain a few years ago after seeing a need for social media / communications services that are decentralized. I wanted to help provide services on to give a space for Reformed Christians to have discussions, make friends, and support one another, and to try to recreate the same type of experiences we have seen on the larger social media platforms, with as few of the negatives as possible.

My vision for is to be an alternative to the larger social media / cloud giants, but still embrace a way to have a larger social circle than just the people on With that in mind, any services that are provided by should have some kind of federation built in, meaning that any users of services can communicate on other similar services hosted elsewhere.

For information on the services provided on, visit the Reformeddit Social Services community for a list of the currently available services.

This is all done on a volunteer basis, meaning any time or hosting costs comes out of my pocket. If you feel that is valuable, then please consider donating to keep these services around.